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The core technology of high-quality pure latex mattress

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The core technology of a high-quality pure latex mattress is mainly reflected in two aspects:One is high-tech production formula The second is advanced production equipment and standard manufacturing processes

We have been exploring a new mode of human sleep, innovating and continuously optimizing. Has now successfully taken the lead in the domestic research and development of diatom and the third generation of REFRESH technology --- high crystal molecular cotton material       It conforms to people's feelings for nature and cleanliness, and creates the "core" concept of high-end quality of life.

Diatom, let us stay away from PM2.5, O2 unlimited enjoyment.

REFRESH technology allows us to get rid of traditional bedding that is not breathable and non-washable.

Completely solve the shortcomings of previous generations of pressure relief products that are stuffy and non-hygroscopic.

The bedding that brings you the perfect combination of technology and life from generation to generation carries warmth and health and introduces more happy families.

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